Turkey Grows More Transparent Every Day

Zaman Online, Turkey Grows More Transparent Every Day

Turkey’s institutions are becoming increasingly transparent as the country continues its march towards European Union (EU) membership.

The government took a giant leap towards the democratic government concept by enacting the Right to Information Act on March 24, 2004. The fact that Chief of General Staff General Hilmi Ozkok ordered that the expenditures and tenders of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) be opened to the inspection of the Court of Accounts also brought Turkey into line with European standards. After the Public Government Reform Act is put into effect, Turkey’s transparency will take on a whole new dimension.

The cabinet also supports the growing transparency, with Speaker of the Parliament Bulent Arinc preparing to open his position to inspection. Arinc, answering Zaman’s questions, confirmed that he started some studies for a new law that would open his position in the Parliament to inspection

Prime Ministry Getting Smaller

The administrative structure of the Prime Ministry draws the most attention because it larger than the presidential system of some countries. There are two main service units in the body of Prime Ministry, and it is predicted that many of the units could be closed or merged with other units.

The Right to Information Act is a milestone for the provision of the democratic and transparent government concept. Put into effect on March 24, the law grants citizens the right to acquire knowledge in accordance with the principles of equality, objectivity and clarity.

Foreigners living in Turkey will also be able to benefit from this law, since it was given an extensive scope. Anyone who wants to learn about the activities of public institutions and occupational institutions will be able to do so.