Turkish Right to Information Blog

This new blog is set up by Dr. Yaman Akdeniz who is a senior lecturer in law at the School of Law, Universit of Leeds, United Kingdom. Yaman has been following the enactment of the Turkish Right to Information Act 2003 which came into force on 24 April, 2004 since its inception. He has been a freedom of information activist since 1998 and is also the co-founder of the BilgiEdinmeHakki.Org pressure group which monitors the implementation and application of the Turkish law since 2003.

While the BilgiEdinmeHakki.Org pages are predominantly in Turkish this new blog at foia.bilgiedinmehakki.infowill provide information about the Turkish developments in English. It is my intention to inform the world at large about the freedom of information related developments from Turkey.